Aula Magna Records

Tomas Rubeck

Based in the Midlands (UK) where post industrial decay fringes with an idyllic rural backdrop, it may not be too much of a surprise as to where aspiring artist Tomas Rubeck takes his lead on inspiration for his music. With an ear for detailed production and a self confessed perfectionist when it comes to sound design and artistic flare, it’s clear as to why his records seem refreshingly different.

He tries not to get drawn in to musical trends and current hype or listen to too much of artists working within a similar musical framework to himself as he explains; ”it distracts from your own personal creative eye if you worry you are not doing what someone else is doing or try to replicate, you just end up drifting away from focusing on what you genuinely want to make, and it will never be a unique interpretation of yourself, that’s not healthy I find.”

Listening to his music reveals a complex and beautifully crafted array of sound architecture; harmonically rich, captivating, intricate and intensely deep. ”I always fall in to a similar working pattern when making records, I have a habit of getting things to sound as deep as possible” he adds. ”For me, music that inherits a deeper meaning and soul has the greater power to induce a wider spectrum of emotions in a person, which in turn provokes a deeper thought process on the world around you, for me that’s a nice place to be”

His release schedule is starting to gain pace, with both vinyl and digital projects for labels such as Fabio Scalabroni’s Biorecordings, Montreal based Amadeus and fast rising Dutch techno imprint ESHU Records. Believing in releasing fewer quality releases over a longer period and not mass market quantities, it’s a possibility Tomas Rubeck could be someone we will be listening to for a few more years on a bigger platform.