Aula Magna Records


Hailing from Buenos Aires, Sebastian Galante a.k.a. Seph is one of Argentina’s main electronic music artists. With nearly 10 years of activity in the techno scene, he has established himself as a multi-faceted artist, dividing his time between roles such as an energetic, prolific producer, heavily requested remixer, Aula Magna Records label manager, and a live act which has driven him to perform all across the globe. A sound experimentalist at heart, he devotes himself into expanding the sonic experience on the dance-floor and in the mind.

Having lived as a teenager in Norwich (England), and after studying piano and percussion for a decade since the age of 7, he was intensely influenced by the urban beats and electronic pop of the 80s and 90s. And as a result of discovering Kraftwerk, Bjork, Plastikman and Ricardo Villalobos, he quickly dove into sound synthesis and sampling, producing techno and electronica in his late high school years.

In 2004 he became an Electronic Arts student at the UNTREF university, and at age 19 Seph’s debut EP Goust was released on Igloo-rec, thrusting him to achieve popularity in the underground minimal techno scene. His collaborations with argentinian artists like Dilo, Pablo Denegri and Jorge Savoretti granted him a spot in what was the starting point of the new argentinian minimal techno movement. After early releases on labels like Telegraph, Stock5, Kalimari, Phonocult, 11AM and having tracks included in compilations mixed by DJs like Jeremy Caulfield and Ellen Allien, he made Dumb Unit Records his home-base, with releases such as his 2010 critically acclaimed debut album Alquimia, that finally defined his mysterious and IDM-driven techno.

During the last few years his music has been released on Harry Klein Records, City Fox, Items and Things and on his main focus: his own label Aula Magna Records, created with Pablo Denegri, Mekas and Qik. A home for their own electronic music obsessions, the label is a platform for sound experiments and forward-looking techno, such has Seph´s last album Cinetica, centered around a noise-based sound palette and complex rhythmic programming.

Seph has made live shows all over the world in clubs and events such as Cocoliche, Crobar and Pacha (Buenos Aires), Fabric (London), Arma17 (Moscow), Harry Klein (Munich), Fuse (Brussels), City Fox (Zurich), Flex (Vienna), Watergate (Berlin), D-Edge (Sao Paolo), Kazantip Festival (Ukraine), Mutek (Buenos Aires) Minitek, Resolute (New York), South American Music Conference (Buenos Aires), Lantern (Beijing), Earth Freq (Brisbane, Australia) and Treehouse (Miami).



Solo/Collabs Eps and Albums:

Seph – Goust/Someone Else rmx(MP3/igloo-rec)2005
Seph – Wooden(12”/Phonocult)2006
Seph – Dash/Heartthrob & Sweet n Candy rmxs(12″/Stock5)2006
Seph – Tar Mun/Lee Curtiss rmx(MP3/Kalimari)2007
Seph – Voiddiov/Bruno Pronsato rmx(12”/11 AM)2007
Dilo and Seph/Laberintos/Franco Cinelli rmx(12”/Produkt)2007
Seph – Wooden/Guido Schneider rmx(12”Phonocult)2007
Geoph Serge/Monnect/Qik rmx(12”/Dumb Unit)2007
Seph & Jorge Savoretti/Frozen Goust(MP3/igloo-rec)2007
Seph & Pablo Denegri/Creepin Corazones(12”/Dumb Unit)2007
Seph & Pablo Denegri/Obsure/Bruno Pronsato rmx(12”/Dumb Unit)2008
Seph – That Hooded(12”/11 AM)2008
Seph – La Fantasia Del Vodkrens(12” Dumb Unit)2009
Seph – Alquimia (12″/CD Dumb Unit)2010
Seph – Alquimia EP/Tolga Fidan Rmxs(12″ Dumb Unit)2010
V.A – Dynasty EP1/Jeremy P. Caulfield and Seph/Vanitas(12″Dumb Unit)2011
Seph – Suzbu Ep (12″ Cityfox)2012
Seph/ DJ Wild/HK006(12” Harry Klein Records)2012
Seph & Jeremy P. Caulfield/Virtues & Vices EP(12” Dumb Unit)2012
Seph – AM 02 (12” Aula Magna Records)2012
Seph – Maread EP (Items and Things)2013
Seph – Dinama EP (Unique Community)2013
Seph – Cinética (CD Aula Magna Records)2014


George S/Where/Seph´s Darkside Remix(MP3/igloo-rec)2005
Violett/Ukelele/Seph Remix(MP3/Unfoundsound)2006
Danta/Salute My Insight/Seph Remix(MP3/igloo-rec)2006
Seuil/Campo Verde/Seph Remix(MP3/igloo-rec)2006
Barem/Suki/Seph rmx(12”/Phonocult)2007
Ben Parris/Chris Needs A Nickname/Seph rmx(MP3/unfoundsound)2007
From Karaoke to Stardom/Nightmare…/Seph 3 tx re-edit(12”/Rrygular)2007
Jorge Savoretti/Subterraneo/Seph’s Wokk Out rmx(MP3/Igloo-rec)2007
Zacco & Mari/Carbonela/Seph Vidrionela rmx(12″/Stock5)2008
Dilo vs Gurtz/Cosacos/Seph rmx(12”/Einmaleins)2008
Dana Ruh/Ohemja/Seph Rmx(MP3/Harry Klein)2008
Marc Neyen/A Walk Nearby/Seph rmx(12”/E-minor)2008
Martinez/Stavanger/Seph rmx(12”/Cray1LabWorks)2008
Andrea Paganin/Big Shit Deluxe/Seph rmx(12”/Kompass Musik)2008
Elvis T/Schranz is Gone/Seph rmx(MP3 Acupuncture Records)2010
Elvis T/Schranz is Gone/Seph Stripped rmx(MP3 Acupuncture Records)2010
Mekas & Pablo Denegri/Chakal EP/Seph rmx(MP3 Igloo-rec)2010
Pablo Denegri/Verstek/Seph rmx(MP3 Unfoundsound)2010
Scalameriya/SuicidalClones/Seph Coco rmx(MP3 Genesa)2010
Scalameriya/SuicidalClones/Seph Passed rmx(MP3 Genesa)2010
Egon Orange/Calendula/Seph & Pablo Denegri rmx(MP3 Igloo-rec)2011
Sensient/TechMessage/Seph rmx/MP3 Open Records)2011
Saint Schizoide/Canturreo/Seph rmx/(MP3 Coton Tige)2012
DiF/Zincun/Seph rmx(MP3 Raised Music)2012
Mathias Schaffhauser/Nuevo Romance/Seph Remix(MP3NOICE!)2012
The Badgers & Damolh33/Giallo/SephRemix(MP3CreepyFinger)2012
Exploit – Anabolism (Seph Remix)(12”Mutex Recordings) 2012
Fjorgenson & Kaltes – Elegance is Destroyed(Seph Remix)(12”Fine Foods)2013
Yoshihiro Arikawa – 6ft Under The Pole (Seph Remix)(Swap)2013
Pablo Denegri – Red Sun (Seph Remix)(Unfoundsound)2013
Pablo Denegri – Black Rainbow (Genesa)2013
Beesmunt Soundsystem – All Day (Seph Remix)(12”Soweso Records)2013
Marco Effe – Rawside (Seph Remix)(12”Dirty Session Recordings)2013
David Durango – Greenpass (Seph Remix)(Surface)2014
Scott Kemp – 302 (Seph Remix)(12”Turquoise Blue)2014

Compilations and Appeareances:

Aires Buenos/Void, Downstairs(MP3/Unfoundsound)2006
Post Office Special Argentina Madness/Pazzl, Toys(2×12″ & CD/Telegraph)2006
Alda Ep/Phound(12″/Stock5)2006
Summer Sampler Vol 2/Bats(12″/Leftroom)2006
Fuse Presents Steve Bug/Dash/Heartthrob rmx(12”/MusicMan)2007
Groove CD #108/Wooden/Guido Schneider rmx(CD/Groove)2007
Musa Mayuri Mix/Dash (CD/Cuesta)2007
Andrey Kurpatov Mix/Laberintos(CD /World Club Music, Algorythmik)2007
Communication Defines Cultura Vol 2/loops(12”/Conversation)2007
Jeremy P. Caulfield/Detached Works(01)/Void(CD/Dumb Unit)2007
Ellen Allien/Boogybytes Vol.04/Carbonela/Seph rmx(CD/Bpitch Control)2008
Igloo Nueva Ola/Glooms(MP3/igloo-rec)2008
Overview/Elle, Miopia(CD/Lesizmo:r)2008
Detroit Vs Argentina/Seph and Shaun Reeves/Aula Magna(MP3/igloo-rec)2008
Bongolize It!/Dana Ruh/Ohemja/SephRMX/HarryKleinNetworks(MP3)2008
Icarian Games and Indian Clubs/Dilo and Seph/Hyenas(MP3/Adjunct)2009
Waheira/Dilo and Seph/Bleach(MP3/Igloo-rec)2009
Argenetics 3/Seph and Pablo Denegri/Alder Ann(MP3 Estimulante Records)2011
Pablo Denegri – Fall EP/Seph and Pablo Denegri/Mutante(12″ Klectik)2011
DNA/Seph/Dienai(MP3 Genesa)2012
Aula Magna 01/Seph/Portal(12” Aula Magna Records)2012
Renaissance Mix Collection – Tale Of Us/Zoom (Bi)(CD Renaissance Rec.) 2013
Extravaganza Addicted /Seph/Halcona(MP3 Extravaganza)2015
Extravaganza Addicted 2/Seph/CBGR(MP3 Extravaganza)2015
Elevate your Mind/Seph/Jade(MP3 KMS Records)2014



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