Aula Magna Records


Having been involved with synthesizers and samplers in many musical projects since the early 90´s, QiK (Enrique Casal) began producing and playing techno music in 2003.

Today he works at Aula Magna Records (AMR), an experimental techno label based in Buenos Aires and Berlin, founded by himself alongside Juan Tomás Roselló (Mekas), Sebastián Galante (Seph) and Pablo Denegri.

AMR brought to the light his latest album Umbral, the result of deep research on rhythm, sound generation and melody construction, challenging conventional dub techno and electronic music boundaries.

In 2004 he created the experimental audiovisual collective Tekhnë alongside Barem, Pablo Denegri, Milena Pafundi and Mekas, performing since then at well known contemporary art museums, galleries and experimental venues. The group is a platform for developing ideas on live A/V performing: real improvisation over digital noise textures, unconventional beats, and abstract video loops, taking advantage of air and internet TV signal as the sound and image primary source.

He released his first ep in 2006, on the prestigious argentine label Igloo-rec, with Butane, Funzion and Dilo as remixers. Since then, QiK´s works have appeared in labels such as Bar 25, Dumb Unit, Esperanza Records, Der Hut and Monocline, Igloo Records, Anozer and Frucht.