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Aula Magna Podcast 10 – David Att

The tenth instalment in the Aula Magna Podcast series comes from the hands of Madrid-based David Att. Known for his releases on labels such as Synewave, Studio 14 and Att[...]

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Aula Magna Podcast 09 – Body Schidt

For the ninth installment of the Aula Magna Podcast series we have Georgia’s Boyd Schidt behind the decks. Half of the long-running duo Greenbeam & Leon, Boyd Schidt has been[...]

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Aula Magna Podcast 08 – Jason Patrick

The eighth entry into the Aula Magna Podcast series features a mix from Jason Patrick. Originally from Detroit, he now lives in Chicago where he holds a residency at Spybar.[...]

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OUT NOW! Qik – Umbral

An Umbral (Threshold in spanish) is a limit between two states. It’s the frontier between sound and silence, inside and outside, light and shadow, pleasure and pain. The umbral is[...]

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Aula Magna Podcast 07 – Qik

This month’s podcast instalment is an exclusive live set from Aula Magna’s very own Qik. A core AMR artist and label founder, Enrique Casal a.k.a Qik is known for the[...]

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