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Promo Bits and Pieces!

Here’s some bits and pieces of promo from the last few years that we forgot to post on the site! – Tale of Us included Seph’s “Zoom (Bi)” from AM02 on their Renaissance Mix Series, featured on here! on Resident Advisor! – AM02 & AM05 reviewed on De:Bug, here and here! – Qik’s “Shortwave” from Umbral featured in Deep Space[...]

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Aula Magna Podcast 11 – Muted.01

The 11th entry into the Aula Magna Podcast series features Hamburg’s Felix Lorusso as muted.01 behind the decks. His new experimental and breakbeat moniker has released music on his own labels Manege and Cirque Du Minimaliste, two of the artist’s many projects that has helped establish him as one of Hamburg’s main underground techno artists. Enjoy! Check it out here!

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Aula Magna Podcast 10 – David Att

The tenth instalment in the Aula Magna Podcast series comes from the hands of Madrid-based David Att. Known for his releases on labels such as Synewave, Studio 14 and Att series, he delivers set of sci-fi techno ready for the dance floor. Check it out here!

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Aula Magna Podcast 09 – Body Schidt

For the ninth installment of the Aula Magna Podcast series we have Georgia’s Boyd Schidt behind the decks. Half of the long-running duo Greenbeam & Leon, Boyd Schidt has been producing techno for over ten years, with releases on labels such as Front Rec, Mo’s Ferry and Emote Music. He is also a very active DJ, with gigs in clubs[...]

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Aula Magna Podcast 08 – Jason Patrick

The eighth entry into the Aula Magna Podcast series features a mix from Jason Patrick. Originally from Detroit, he now lives in Chicago where he holds a residency at Spybar. He’s also the main man behind Klectik Records, a platform that has released music from artists from around the world as well as his own material, lately also featured on[...]

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OUT NOW! Qik – Umbral

An Umbral (Threshold in spanish) is a limit between two states. It’s the frontier between sound and silence, inside and outside, light and shadow, pleasure and pain. The umbral is an intangible, incorporeal line defined by the perception of a subject that hovers on the passage between two antagonistic states. The umbral can be jumped, defied and it’s in this[...]

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